It could happen to You

He entered the room like a morning light

My eyes adjusted and soon,

It was locked on his

I felt our hearts pushing and pulling

For just one touch

We spoke- for hours, it felt

Our hearts dancing as we moved closer

And closer until we were just a breath between the lips apart

And then-

A force of cold air silenced our thoughts

He took his eyes off mine and looked to the door

“I’m sorry” he said

The light was no more.

And just like that, as quickly as the grey clouds covered the blue sky

DASH- he was a gone.


A ‘Relieving’ fairytale

As a child I was afraid of the dark, until the monsters and I became the best of friends.

They taught me to be brave and fearless. We played in the dark together for hours and then, one day, they said soon I would be one of them.

“You must leave this world and join ours” they said and again, I started to feel afraid.

But they cheered me on and asked “Do you really want to live in this world forever?” and for the first time I thought about it:

The gnawing pain, the endless struggle, the increasing violence, the constant battle between good and evil…

“Why no” I responded. “I’d very much like to go with you instead”

“Good answer” they replied and “Come this way”.

As I walked into the unknown darkness I felt all my humanly traits slowly fading away.

I was relieved at last, of all my worries, and free to fly into the dreamy daze of eternity.

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Let’s go camping?

So recently I asked my boyfriend to take me on a camping trip.

“Sure” was his eager response, and as we were packing I pointed out that there were lots of items we missed (which I assumed he had thought of) like a tent; which is obviously the main component.

“I thought you wanted to go camping” he stated and we both stood there dumbfounded by the confusion.

“Wait… what do you think I meant when I suggested camping?” I asked him.

“You know… hotel hopping?”

That’s a thing…?

Through the mist

I woke up as if still in a dream
And asked if he could see
He looked over
Smiled. Put his hand on my knee
And said “It’s okay, we’re almost there”

In and out
Of consciousness I think?
It was thick and cold
And I was scared
“Don’t worry, you’re safe with me” he said
His hand now resting on my thigh

Closed my eyes
Forced a sleep
I didn’t want to see
I knew.
Amidst the cold
Behind the mist
He was there, waiting
Just for me.

Le desert life

Life may appear to be dull in the peaceful, dusty streets of Oman but for a nature lover it’s a daily adventure.

Yesterday we went on a road trip to Ibra, which is the second largest city in Oman, as well as the oldest.

En route to Ibra, you’ll pass by endless layers of mountain and segregated villages, which look more or less the same at first glance.

It’s only when you reach the heart of the desert when time starts to slow down and the flashes of color take your breath away.

A city pure in its tradition and untouched by commercialization, it’s no surprise why tourists are becoming increasingly interested in Oman’s many hidden gems.




Street lights


IMG_1983 (2).jpg

Since starting my journey in photography, I look forward to the midnight drives in Muscat. The streets are empty and there’s lots of time to experiment with different angles.

At first taking pictures at night was a tad bit confusing, but after playing around with the settings, I got the hang of it.

Now, going for long drives after the sun sets is one of my favorite things to do!

IMG_1986 (2)


A friendly crowd

Before heading to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, I was repeatedly warned not to wonder off on my own as it’s a place that’s considered to be dangerous.

Although I acknowledged and respected the concerns of those who had warned me, my careless curiosity urged me to follow the breezy wind of the East African city.

I jumped on a tuk-tuk with a man named Samson, who took me everywhere I wanted to go. In my handbag I had my passport, 150 000 Tanzanian shillings and my cellphone.

Samson took me for a short hike showing me the different beaches, then he introduced me to his friend who took me kayaking, snorkeling and fishing. I spent about 4-6 hours in the ocean with all my belongings on the beach with Samson.

I quickly learned that the locals we friendly and hospitable. As we passed them in the street and on the beach, they readily greeted us and offered us food, which I was eager to try. It was a really good day; the street food was so interesting, the weather was amazing, and there’s a warm smile around every corner.