Through the mist

I woke up as if still in a dream
And asked if he could see
He looked over
Smiled. Put his hand on my knee
And said “It’s okay, we’re almost there”

In and out
Of consciousness I think?
It was thick and cold
And I was scared
“Don’t worry, you’re safe with me” he said
His hand now resting on my thigh

Closed my eyes
Forced a sleep
I didn’t want to see
I knew.
Amidst the cold
Behind the mist
He was there, waiting
Just for me.

Le desert life

Life may appear to be dull in the peaceful, dusty streets of Oman but for a nature lover it’s a daily adventure.

Yesterday we went on a road trip to Ibra, which is the second largest city in Oman, as well as the oldest.

En route to Ibra, you’ll pass by endless layers of mountain and segregated villages, which look more or less the same at first glance.

It’s only when you reach the heart of the desert when time starts to slow down and the flashes of color take your breath away.

A city pure in its tradition and untouched by commercialization, it’s no surprise why tourists are becoming increasingly interested in Oman’s many hidden gems.




Street lights


IMG_1983 (2).jpg

Since starting my journey in photography, I look forward to the midnight drives in Muscat. The streets are empty and there’s lots of time to experiment with different angles.

At first taking pictures at night was a tad bit confusing, but after playing around with the settings, I got the hang of it.

Now, going for long drives after the sun sets is one of my favorite things to do!

IMG_1986 (2)


A friendly crowd

Before heading to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, I was repeatedly warned not to wonder off on my own as it’s a place that’s considered to be dangerous.

Although I acknowledged and respected the concerns of those who had warned me, my careless curiosity urged me to follow the breezy wind of the East African city.

I jumped on a tuk-tuk with a man named Samson, who took me everywhere I wanted to go. In my handbag I had my passport, 150 000 Tanzanian shillings and my cellphone.

Samson took me for a short hike showing me the different beaches, then he introduced me to his friend who took me kayaking, snorkeling and fishing. I spent about 4-6 hours in the ocean with all my belongings on the beach with Samson.

I quickly learned that the locals we friendly and hospitable. As we passed them in the street and on the beach, they readily greeted us and offered us food, which I was eager to try. It was a really good day; the street food was so interesting, the weather was amazing, and there’s a warm smile around every corner.


Chasing sunsets

Each time I travel to a new place, I ask myself “What makes this city beautiful?”

Sometimes I find it’s the architecture which stands out from the rest, sometimes it’s the poverty stricken people who endure the struggle of the country’s daily hustle and bustle life, and sometimes it’s something as simple as the sunset.

As an amateur photographer, hopeless wanderer and enthusiastic storyteller, I hope to capture and share these moments.

I’ve decided to start my blog off with a magnificent sunset in Lake Geneva, Switzerland. It was taken just before the first snowfall of 2016.